The beauty
of an exclusive product,
the safety of a
hygienic material.

Leather is one of the safest products from a hygienic point of view, in fact unlike other materials, leather does not absorb germs and airborne droplets, they remain on the surface. This means it is very easy to clean and keep clean, depending on the type of leather, either with a damp cloth and neutral soap or simply dust regularly with a dry cloth. Please, always check in advance for cleaning tips.
If treated properly over the years, leather can have a really long life. Some rules must be followed and above all it is necessary to know the type of product: each hide must be cleaned with caution based on its characteristics and the degree of delicacy. When it's time for deep cleansing, we suggest you contact a leather cleaning specialist.

These are some simple tips for care.
We recommend you to check this information before proceeding with cleaning.
Indications for all leather
  • _ Avoid placing leather near direct sunlight.
  • _ Keep the leather away from heat sources.
  • _ Dust regularly with a soft and dry cloth.
  • _ If a spill should occur, blot immediately with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge.
  • _ For deeper cleansing use a lightly damp cloth with natural soap. Do not saturate.
  • _ Do not rub. Use a circular motion and clean the entire surface.
  • _ Using a soft and dry cloth, dry immediately after the treatment.
  • _ Never use household cleaning agents, furniture polishes, ammonia, bleach, varnish, oils or similar.
  • _ If you wish to use specifically made creams or lotions for leather upkeep and care please consult specialized companies and leather professionals who supply such sets. If you need recommendations on who to consult, we are happy to indicate.
For the most delicate hides
Do not use a damp cloth or water for cleaning, do not rub the spot with force or pressure.