Half grain

A high-quality half grain leather, matt with a smooth waxy touch. Vacuum dried to ensure a firm finish.For contemporary or classical furnishing.
Size:ca. 4.40 m²
Thickness:ca. 1.1 mm
Default col.12490
1 cm
2 cm
3 cm
4 cm
5 cm
6 cm
7 cm
8 cm
9 cm
10 cm
Col. 12210Col. 12100Col. 12200Col. 12140Col. 12180Col. 12380Col. 12300Col. 12240Col. 12480Col. 12440Col. 12400Col. 12500Col. 12340Col. 12490Col. 12460Col. 12470Col. 12530Col. 12550Col. 12600