Aniline leather

A modern, sleek aniline leather with a wonderful silky touch. Versatile in its many possible applications but particularly appealing to the dynamic designers of cosmopolitan and contemporary environments. This leather has a very natural finish where the beautiful, authentic signs of life are left to enhance its overall appeal.
Size:ca. 4.50 m²
Thickness:ca. 1.1 mm
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Default col.0691
1 cm
2 cm
3 cm
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5 cm
6 cm
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10 cm
Col. 0854Col. 0691Col. 0258Col. 0240Col. 0329Col. 03009Col. 0197Col. 0550Col. 0549Col. 0551Col. 0250Col. 0229Col. 04010Col. 04009Col. 04060Col. 0738Col. 07008Col. 0855Col. 0648Col. 0565Col. 0692Col. 0778Col. 0779Col. 0681Col. 0780Col. 0842Stampa 999 col. 0855