Leather on display
and ready for delivery.

Today a program offering finished and readily available leathers may seem normal, but when we opened The Leather Store in the late 1990s there was no such service. We were the first to offer this service, understanding how important it was to guarantee fast shipments because, time is precious.

In recent years, our The Leather Store has become more than a simple warehouse, it has evolved into a home for leather, a boutique where you can touch and choose our proposals. Not only advantageous but a clear demonstration of how we understand and aim to satisfy individual client needs.


more than 600 colours

more than 30 items


We wanted to spoil our customers with choice: The Leather Store offers a wide range of colors and qualities, so as not to put restrictions on requirements but rather project ideas that can be developed with the support of our qualified staff.


We know how valuable time is for our customers so we created The Leather Store as a great showcase where you can touch our leathers first hand and avail of immediate consignment.


Be it just one hide or a small amount: The Leather Store does not need any minimum quantities, choose and purchase what you require regardless of the quantity requested.